Vintage Dolls House


Vintage dolls house.  Early 20th century dolls house with original tile/brick/floor effect papered surfaces. |Two chimneys and a pitched roof over one attic window.  There are five windows on the front elevation and the whole opens to reveal two floors.  There is a mixture of furniture and ornaments included.

Dimensions: 58cm High x 48cm Wide

Additional Dimensions:

Depth - 28cm
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Vintage Dolls House.  Early 20th century dolls house with original paper surfaces of tile/brick and floor.  Steps lead up to the front door of the house which has a pitched roof with two chimney pots and attic window.  At the front there are five windows and the whole elvation opens  to reveal two floors. There are a few items of furniture, dolls and dolls pram included in the price.

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Dimensions 48 × 58 cm
Additional Dimensions:
Depth - 28cm

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