Silver Mallard Duck


Silver Mallard Duck – Elizabeth II hallmarked sikver  figure  of a mallard duck on a base of reeds.   County Artist Sheffield 1996 (composition body). A contemporary item of silver for those not always confined to antique silver

Dimensions: 14cm High x 13cm Wide

Additional Dimensions:

Depth - 8cm
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Silver Mallard Duck – Elizabeth II hallmarked small silver figure in the form of a mallard duck standing on a base of reeds. Charming gilded beak – a very attractive bird! County Artist – Sheffield 1996 (composition body).  Would make a fabulous present or addition to a special collection.  We stock many items of antique silver at Tudor Rose but there are also contemporary items, such as this,  which we believe will be just as sought after.

For those antique purists we do stock a goood range of antique silver candlesticks, christening cans, silver photograph frames and much more.

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Dimensions 13 × 14 cm
Additional Dimensions:
Depth - 8cm

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