Pair Antique Glass Rummers


Pair of antique glass rummers standing on circular base with petal mouldings to the bowl  and a knopped stem.

Dimensions: 14cm High

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Pair Antique Glass Rummers  with petal mouldings standing on circular bases with a knopped  stem.  Rummer is the name given to a period drinking glass which we now use for wine drinking. Victorian Rummers are usually of quite robust glass,  used in inns and making them perfect for everyday use.  So, if you like the thought of drinking from an antique glass, these are perfect as they are over  one hundred years old  and yet can be used every day without fear!  We always buy as many antique glasses as possible as they are always appreciated by the public.  Needless to say, there are no chips or cracks – in porcelain this may be acceptable but never in glass!

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Dimensions 14 cm

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