PAADA Members Exhibit at Petworth Antiques Fair

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If you missed your chance to buy the painted chest of drawers we have another similar and many more at our antiques shop here in Petworth. See this nice painted antique oak chest of two short and two long drawers with original steel decorative handles.

Here is a summery report on the Petworth Park Antiques Fair. For full report click here.
"I thiink it has been brilliant, a great fair. It has a very good atmosphere and there arensome fantastic dealers here. We will definitely be doing it next year” Jamie Rountree, Rountree Tryon Galleries Ltd

“The first fair after the General Election. The buzz has been brilliant and very positive vibes” Philip Jones, Elford Fine Art

“The quality, standard and attendance at the fair was beyond anyone’s expectation
s” Jackie Tudor, former Chair of the Petworth Business Association (PBA)

“As good as any London fair. We have seen clients here who we haven’t seen for years”
Margaret Cowley, Garret & Hurst Sculpture

“Lovely fair with the right sort of people. The gate has been good” Neil Shepperton, Mary Cooke Antiques

“The show had an exciting buzz and there were clearly interested collectors around. You
got the right people through the door,” Tony Haynes, Haynes Fine Art of Broadway

“Very impressed with the quality of the fair” Thomas Lighton, Merville Galleries

“One of the best fairs we have done for a long time very, very good” Paul Nunn, Olde Time

“Great fair, great appearance.We’ll be back. Everything we sold was brown. For us
brown is the new gold!” Mike Melody, Melody Antiques

"It was fantastic to see so many people waiting at the door to come in when the fair
opened on the first day, a real testament to the marketing investment you made"
Chloe Rice, Augustus Brandt

“I was apprehensive prior to the show with the General Election looming. The result
reflected in the attitude of the visitors and their inclination to spend. I did much better
than I thought,” Billy Cook, William Cook

“It was like the old days were back” Nicholas Lury, Cambridge Fine Art

“I’m here to spend my mansion tax!” Visitor from Surrey

“Despite a very windy start to the week and the uncertainty of the outcome of the
General Election, we opened the Marquee doors last Friday at 11am with Lord Egremont
kindly performing the official opening, cutting the ribbon in front of a waiting audience,”
said Ingrid Nilson, Director of organisers The Antiques Dealers Fair Limited.“

We were thrilled to welcome numerous visitors from Sussex and further afield, even as
far as Northumberland, many of whom were keen to buy. As the day unfolded and the
results of the General Election became known both exhibitors and visitors were in high
spirits and one guest was overheard saying he had come to spend his mansion tax!

We were delighted to learn that Petworth House itself benefitted, with many visitors taking
advantage of the free entry to the magnificent National Trust property with our tickets
and that the collaboration with the Petworth Business Association (PBA) resulted in
increased footfall in the picturesque market town, a well known centre for antiques”

The atmosphere throughout the weekend for the inaugural Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair
was very upbeat, with both visitors and dealers.