Vintage Board Games

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Collectibles come in many forms from sports or bikes collectibles, to books and decorative antiques, there are those who collect literally anything and everything. Vintage board games are no exception and make great collectible options.
There are a lot of people who love to collect board games. With the trend of having board game meets on the rise, the demand for rare and unique board games is on the rise too. There are quite a few things that make or break the value and demand of a classic.  While there are board games that do not really cost a lot there are those that are worth a lot.
As is the case of any antique or vintage item, condition is a key factor in determining the value of a game. Although the condition does not make a worthless game very valuable it is sure to undermine the value of a rare one if its condition isn’t great. A rare game with all its parts intact and in good condition will sure be valued at a much higher rate as compared to the same game in a dilapidated condition. Having all the parts in place is a rarity too and such games are valued more since in case of a rare game finding replacements for the missing pieces can be a problem. In case of games that are unopened or that have been absolutely rarely played can sell for a premium. Sealed games are loved by the collectors since the boxes will generally be in good to great condition.
Although it is very difficult to find rare games in an unopened condition the most important factor remains that the game has all of its pieces.
Some collectors go for incomplete games too. The missing pieces of rare games can also sell for a good amount especially if it is a game that is regularly missing pieces and there are people who sell these too. The condition of the game for determining its value can be in terms of creases in cards in case of a cards game, condition of the board, broken pieces, the quality of the box etc.
An important thing that you need to keep in mind is that just because a game is old does not make it very valuable. This notion definitely holds true in some cases where a board game from the early 1900s or earlier is likely to be worth a lot of money. Especially in case of games made of paper and wood!  But then there were those games that have had an astounding number of copies made and are still quite famous. So unless you find a version of this game from the very first editions this is not going to be valued much.
A vintage game to be valued well, needs to be such that it is well known or known at least to some extent. If a game is absolutely unheard of, it might not be as valuable. The themes matter too. For instance, games about wars, business and certain specific events are often quite sought after by collectors. The war game genre has always been more valuable than others.
Many a time, the publisher of a game might also have an impact on the value. There might be publishers who are well known for creating a certain type. Original special editions can be of great value too. Then the artwork of a game matters to and can be an important value determining factor. Collectors are often interested in colourful and interesting artwork. In the world of games too since the beginning there have been designers whose entire collection was valued high and there were the classic designers who believed in limited runs in case of games which are again very valuable.
Take for example this Victorian travelling chess set  integrated in original wooden box - circa 1890.
One piece a/f - ie matched. Box measures 21cms x 10cms when fully closed. This is a gem of a collectors' item.
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Victorian travelling chess set  integrated in original wooden box - circa 1890.
One piece a/f - ie matched. Box measures 21cms x 10cms when fully closed. - See more at: