Tips For Buying Antique & Vintage Items

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The world of antiques has a tremendous variety to offer, right from decorative items to antique furniture  there is a good variety available. Choosing the right options that not only fit your pocket but also your decor is of utmost importance.
So since it is antiques and vintage we are talking about let’s start with the basics first that is the difference between the two. There is a stark difference between the vintage and antiques in terms of the age. An item dating back at least 100 years falls into the antiques category while vintage ones you can say are younger, say around 20 years old minimum.
Antique hunting is fun but you need the right source so as to ensure that you are getting a genuine item and the right value. There are quite a few antique shops that sell antiques. Selecting the right dealer is as important in order to ensure authenticity. When buying from a Petworth dealer you can select your dealer from amongst the ones that are registered with the antique associations like PAADA and LAPADA etc. These associations have a strict code of conduct which protect you against fakes and ensure you receive the right value.
A basic knowledge about the various styles and time periods is of great help while buying antiques. Online research from reliable sources can help you with the basic know how. There are various books available too which give valuable information about the antiques. This basic research can help you identify the basic defining characteristics such as hallmarks, symbols, signatures and other such markings.
Minor details such as materials used, overly glossy furniture pieces etc can also be good pointers towards authenticity as well as restoration. There are numerous kinds of materials used in the modern furniture that were not available in the past. These basic pointers will help you spot the fakes. Too much of restoration and replacement of parts reduces the value of the antiques. You should hence look out for such signs.
Antiques carry signs of usage and bumps and bruises are obvious due to years of wear and tear. Hence a piece that looks very smooth with no evident signs of use will usually indicate reproduced pieces.
Apart from the dealers there are various auctions and fairs which are a great source for buying as well as learning more about the antiques.
Buying antiques is a substantial investment. Hence it should never be a hasty decision. Spend a decent amount of time in research and increasing your knowledge so that you make a well informed decision.
In case of antiques, bargaining is also absolutely ok if it is possible... but usually not as much as seen on TV! There is no reason to hesitate to bargain a little to arrive at a mutually beneficial deal.

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