Time to Revamp the Study!

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Time to Revamp the Study!

There are a host of antique desks, writing tables, desk chairs and bookcases at Tudor Rose Antiques.  As it is one of our specialities we always have a good selection.  More people buy antiques for their study it seems than any other room in the house.

The antique pedestal desk lends itself perfectly to be moved around, coming in three pieces, whether your study is an upstairs room or more traditionally downstairs along with the computer.   Now that so many people have tablets and laptops,  no longer does the desk have to house a large system and is now an item to be shown off with the minimum of clutter. Working from home – something nearly all of us do to some degree – means our desk is a more important feature and of course, if antique, will never lose its value, merely increase.



If a period desk then definitely a chair to go with it.  Again, at Tudor Rose we always stock a good selection.  Many rotate and the majority are upholstered in leather for durability.  Finding a lovely old vintage desk chair will enhance the look of the desk.


Finally, the other important element of a study is the bookcase.  If the décor is contemporary then a plain open bookcase with moveable shelves is probably the best bet but for more traditional styles we always try to find “Globe Wernicke” examples- from the ‘30s these vintage bookcase are made in sections which slot into each other.  This really makes for ease of moving and each section is glazed to protect the books from dust, beloved of the legal profession.  There are variations on this theme, “Minty” being another famous vintage manufacturer and again usually glazed.