The beauty of antique silver

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Antiques,  whether they have been acquired by heritage or purchased can often becaome special objects for the owner.  
Antique silver items in particular attract owner loyalty and apart from being a good investment also can look good.

Anique silver picture frames certainly enhance any photo and are also beautiful in their own right, be they a  plain and simple ones that look contemporary or heavily decorated giving a very atmospheric and period look. These silver frames can be  displayed in groups or individually.  
Antique silver dishes or trays make useful accessories and yet also look good on display
The beautiful silver and glass claret jugs are functional as well as beautiful be they resting on a silver tray or positioned individually
Many silver receptacles are put to a variety of uses. Silver pitchers and pots make great flower vases and silver sauce boats have been known to have been used for holding keys and also a place to keep your jewelry on the dresser.
 A beautiful silver hand mirror would be useful and practical and add a touch of glamour to your room, and placed with other silver antiques often look good.

Scattering these beautiful antiques around the house will add to its beauty in the most unique of the ways. The smaller touches add to the overall look and hence are very important. Browse our website or visit our antiques shop in Petworth to see for yourself all we have in store for you.