See The 'Best' Coffee Table We Have Ever Had in Our Shop

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Tudor Rose Antiques have just taken delivery of probably the most fabulous antique coffee table we have ever stocked.  Constructed from the side of a 19th century French haycart, the lovely faded old timbers have made the perfect subject for a very large  coffee table – 184cms long.


An iron frame was constructed copying the line of the original iron straps and.  incorporating them into the frame.  Now with a nice long twist rail to one side the table has emerged as a contemporary piece but with the additional attraction of antique wood appealing particularly  to those who love antiques and always searching for the perfect “antique” coffee table.
Finally a bespoke toughened plate glass top has been added, with slightly rounded corners, bringing the three elements of iron, wood and glass together to create this spectacular coffee table.  A barn conversion is a perfect environment for such a piece but who knows where it will finally rest.