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Get ahead of the pack as a decade now Victorian and Edwardian brown wooden furniture without exceptional provenance of design, manufacture, or ownership has been hugely unfashionable, with the result that prices have dropped to rock-bottom. The winds of change are, however, in the air, as punters slowly wake up to the fact that there are ridiculously good bargains to be had, especially on pieces without a well-known maker, but displaying the same high standards of craftsmanship associated with the latter: the early Victorian tilt-top breakfast table shown here would cost five, six, or seven times as pounds if it had been made by, for example, Gillows of Lancaster.

It is merely stating the obvious but the message is gradually getting through.

Here at Tudor Rose Antiques & Interiors our best sellers are antique pedestal desks, antique desk chairs and antique coffers, window seats and  camphor chests – great for storage and also coffee tables.  All of which are “brown” antiques from the Victorian and Edwardian period.

So do come down to Tudor Rose Antiques & Interiors at Petworth when you have the chance and obviously keep browsing our website  www.tudor-rose-antiques.co.uk as well as watching us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.