Photo Frames Continue to be Popular

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The days of simple and boring photo frames are long gone since everything nowadays is about design and style. There are a number of different kinds of photo frames available that look good and make your pictures look great too. Antique silver photo frames have always been a favourite amongst many as presents for the loved ones. The popularity of silver photo frames especially as wedding and anniversary presents has never really faded.
Antique silver frames  often work better than others in showcasing your cherished memories beautifully. They work especially well when it comes to putting up pictures from the wedding or such other special occasions. The ornate and elaborate look of the silver frames make your lovely pictures look beautiful and add to the decorative element of your home.
At Tudor  Rose Interiors we have a wonderful stock of antique silver frames in varied designs and types. From small circular to large rectangular frames belonging to the late Victorian to mid 20th century period, the variety is endless and stunning. These make the best gifts for occasions such as weddings, christening and special anniversaries. Some of the beautiful frames in our collection are richly patterned and have intricate design details like this Victorian silver photograph frame - square with circular inset and heavily decorated with cherubs. Original hinged back. Birmingham 1900


Others are delightfully free of patterns. Like this Fine size Edwardian silver photograph frame with leather back.  Nice clean lines and ideal for contemporary or traditional setting. Birmingham 1911.


All look classy and stylish. Browse through our section on Antique Silver Picture Frames to see for yourself.