Mixing the old with the new in modern work spaces

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The antique desk styles are varied and have always evolved with the changing needs of a particular place and time and are both decorative and functional.

Choosing the style largely depends on the functionality you are looking for. The desks come in different shapes and sizes with varying storage capacities. So choosing a desk depends on what your needs are. Considering the theme of your decor and how your antique desk will fit in is also important. The piece should be such that it complements your decor well. Dimensions also matter and you should have a clear idea of the space limitations before choosing your antique desk.

At Tudor Rose Antiques and Interiors we have a very wide range of antique desks to choose from. Typically ones like

Fine Victorian oak panelled pedestal desk with tooled leather insert.  Nice brass furniture and key operated lock.  Standing on original casters. - See more at: https://www.tudorroseantiques.co.uk/furniture-seating-desks/antique-desks-and-desk-chairs/victorian-oak-pedestal-desk-4-47-refno-1292/#sthash.oY8ApnoP.dpuf
this fine Victorian oak panelled pedestal desk the tooled leather insert top. It has nice brass furniture wih key operated lock standing on casters.

Our range includes antique pedestal desks and the like and a range of antique desk chairs to go with these. Browse through our website to have a glimpse through our collection.