How to Select Antique Glass Vases

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Antique glass vases make lovely decorative pieces for display in both contemporary and traditional homes. There are a number of styles to choose from and designs depending on the time and place of origin. The colours, designs, the ways of manufacturing these vases also greatly differed depending on the place of origin.

Antique vases come in a variety of materials such as glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal from different periods such as Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Some glass variants were created as far back as the 13th century.

The Scandinavian designs showcased brightly coloured simple cylindrical shapes which focused on functionality. There are classic examples from Sweden especially during the 18th century. The 16th and the 17th century saw a rise in the Venetian glassmakers in England, while the British glassmaking industry developed in its own right. As art has always depicted  human lives since the beginning of time, the vases are no different and documented mythological stories through paintings, human civilization etc.

The designs and influences have however evolved a great deal over the years.
If you are looking antique vases in particular to add to your collection, here are a few characteristic that will help in making the choice.

The old world glass vases carry signs of use. These signs of wear and tear to an extent add to the characteristic beauty of the vases. The older ones especially may also have bubbles or dirt and debris in the glass. This is due to the earlier methods of glass blowing which subsequently developed for better.

The clarity of the glass is a good indicator too as in the early days soda glass was used which had a slight white tinge as compared to the newer transparent glass.

Apart from the look of the glass and the signs of wear and tear are the maker’s marks. These marks are seen in most of the handcrafted antiques be it furniture or decorative antiques. Even if the actual manufacturer cannot be recognized with the help of these marks, it can be a good indicator of the age of the piece which influences the value a great deal. Antique glassware usually carries an etched or embossed mark, mostly at the bottom of the vase. There were also those who liked to put their names into the intricate patterns of the glass vases.
Items such as this fine cut glass punch bowl and cover or

Very pretty early 20th century six arm crystal chandelier with circular glass ball drop - See more at:
this very pretty early 20th century six arm crystal chandelier with circular glass ball drop.

Antique glass vases and other items are beautiful and look elegant in all types of homes. Choose from the wide variety we have here at Tudor Rose Antiques.