Decorative Fireplace Screens

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Fire place screens (fireguards) are accessories that offer safety as also look decorative and elegant. These protect you from excessive heat as also protect you from sparks that tends to fly out from your fireplace. Apart from their protective function, fireguards add an appealing accent to your fireplace.

To ensure that you find the perfect fire place screen, we have put up a few pointers that may help you choose the correct decorative screens for your home.
Measuring your fire place for a screen should be your first task obviously. Choosing the correct size or lsrger  is important so that your screen fits in seamlessly or with an overlap.

If you are looking at period  fire guards setting up your budget will be important too. The prices tend to vary depending on the origin, rarity, make and finish etc.
Once the size and budget are sorted, you will need to choose the style and material that best suit your tastes. There is a good variety of decorative firescreens available in different finishes and materials.

It is important to consider the theme of décor and the fireplace where the screen is to be placed.If you are going for an older screen it should complement the decor and blend with the room.

Fireplace screens can be single panel which provides complete coverage, or multi-panelled which are freestanding and are flexible enough for odd fireplace sizes. Interstingly you can acquire a beautiful modern curved glass firesceen with recess for carrying. It is of good weight and perfect for woodburners or conventional fireplaces.


A few of the fireplace screens can be either functional or decorative. The functional ones are designed to keep sparks and embers at bay. This doesn’t necessarily mean that functional fireplace screens cannot be attractive, but not all decorative fireplace screens are functional. Decorative fireplace screens are used mainly to provide a nice accent and to hide your sooty fire box in the fireplace.
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