Decorative Antique Mirrors

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Essential Guidelines for Decorative Antique Mirrors
An antique mirror comes with an intrinsic historic appeal which is classy and elegant. These usually work well in the classic as well as the contemporary settings. The worn lines and slight bumps and bruises that are acquired after years of usage only add to the appeal.
Apart from the aesthetic appeal of these mirrors there are various other benefits to adding mirrors to the décor. Mirrors can be easily used to create an illusion of space as well as enhance the light and brightness of a place. It is all about strategically placing the mirrors to your benefit. Along with these important factors, mirrors undoubtedly add flair and style. So while being practical, mirrors also stylish.
Antique mirrors hold a great value thanks to their rarity and historic appeal. These usually come in distinctive frames that vary from plain to ornate and from bare wood to gilded or painted. These come in various shapes and sizes so one needs to consider the shape and size accordingly.  ie. oval, square, round and rectangular. Pairs of mirrors often make even more of a statement.
We have a good selection of decorative antique mirrors. Of particular note are the following....Small Decorative French Mirror , Decorative Antique French Oval Mirror  and an Antique Silver Gilt Mirror.