Coffee Tables From Interesting Objects

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We constantly search for an ideal antique objects which can be made into a coffee table as arguably,  one of the most important items in our living room is the coffee table.  It is where we congregate, relax and entertain our friends.  It needs to be a talking point and an item of interest as well as being practical.

Such a find was this side of an old hay cart removed from a barn in France. A beautiful aged wooden structure, with much of the ironwork still attached.  

Having found this treasure, our specialist blacksmith who is a great craftsman, set to work to convert this special piece with a bespoke frame to match the existing ironwork. Finally,  a toughened glass top was ordered to complete this extremely large and impressive table.

It came into Tudor Rose on the Friday and was immediately the subject of great interest. One of our comments was,  because of its size, this would really suit a lovely barn conversion.  Next day a couple came in,  saw the table and immediately said they would like it.  Are you sure it will fit we queried - being such a large item?  Oh yes was the response, we have a converted barn and our sitting room is huge!


On delivery our client kindly allowed us to photograph it in situ, from which you will see no further comment from us is necessary.

There is normally work in hand for a piece such as this but production is slow on account of the search as well as the implementation.  Nevertheless, the results are certainly worth while I am sure you will agree!


Another fascinating coffee table that, unlike the old bay cart, is still available is this

This beautiful root is shown with glass, as an example. Included in the price is the glass cut to your required shape and size for top and base. Root ready to be delivered within 2 weeks. - See more at: beautiful
Glass Topped Coffee Table
With an ancient tree root. The tabke has been called 'Root 12. Tipperary'. The root is under a glass top and Included in the price is the glass cut to your required shape and size for top and base.