Classic antique mirrors

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Antique mirrors have an inherent charm of their own. The subtle signs of wear in the glass, the worn lines and a distressed patina all work together beautifully to give the antique mirror its charm. For some the modern environment the antique mirror will make a wonderful statement and yet they also fit in well in an antique environment.

In addition to good looks and aesthetic appeal, their functional use in the decor needs to be considered too. The mirror can also be used to create an illusion of space and / or enhance the light levels where there is a lack of it. Strategically placed mirrors can make a room appear much bigger than its actual size.

Take this classic large antique French mirror for instance. The original bevelled plate and elaborate top cartouche gives it a magnificent appeal. And the presence of gilt and silver gilt make it suitable for any decor, classic or contemporary.

This antique French painted cushion mirror on the other hand is on different lines with a simpler design and can be hung either way. The ample size of this one makes it perfect if illusions in the decor are what you are looking at.

Both the mirror options are classic and definitely worth giving a thought to if you are planning to make some changes to you decor.

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