Choose the perfect Antique oak coffers

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Antique coffers were first seen somewhere during the 17th and first half of the 18th century. Oak was a common choice of wood for making the coffers back then and most of the pieces are hence quite sturdy and robust. Coffers are effortlessly elegant and functional even now. If you plan to buy a coffer for your home here are a few things you might want to know to help you choose the perfect coffer.

Coffers are simple yet elegant and at the same time are the simplest forms of storage pieces. Structure wise coffers are simple with solid oak planks put together with a hinged lid. These are very sturdy and hence can also be used for sitting on. In the home these can also be used as side tables.

Most of the antique chests and trunks are alternatively known as coffers. The coffers are of different kinds like the flat top ones, the ones with the domed top which were also known as the ark coffers that have a dome shaped lid. This lead can be removed, reversed and utilized for different purposes. Then there are the mule chests of Victorian origin which were coffers that had drawers underneath the chest. These chests were often used for storage of blankets and clothing and other such household items.

In the modern homes, the coffers can be put to versatile uses. Your choice of antique coffers should be largely dependent on the ultimate use in your home. As mentioned, these can be used as a place for sitting, so if you want to double the use of a coffer for sitting, you should ideally go for an option that has a flat top and lesser height.
Coffers make unique side tables too. These can also be used in the bedrooms for storage of linens and sheets or even in the kitchens in very innovative ways. Depending on the purpose and the kind of storage space required, you can decide what kind to go for.

The antique or vintage coffers make a very elegant inclusion in the home. So if you are looking at it as a focal point in the home you can always go for an ornate version of the coffers.

A good example of a vintage oak coffer is this good quality vintage oak coffer with fine carved front. Circa 1930's

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