Antiques Trade Gazette - Incorporate art and antiques in any interior design project.

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An article  in last week's Antiques Trade Gazette makes the case for always incorporating art and antiques in any interior design project. Three of the top Interior Designers all agree.


Olga Polizzi of Rocco Fort Hotels is responsible for furnishing the Group's 11 hotels and in addition owns two hotels of her own in the West Country. She is a self-confessed jackdaw and great lover of antiques - "what's the joy of parachuting the bland contents of a high street store into your home!" For Polizza this means incorporating art and antiques which always give such a personal feel - they have to be individually chosen, putting the owner's stamp on the scheme.


Douglas Mackie - Cambridge trained as an architect is another well known and respected interior designer who established his practice back  in 1995.           


Describing his style as "curated" he is an active buyer on the antiques circuit. No fan of "taupe-overs" he incorporates art and antiques into his interiors with flair and enthusiasm. He makes the point that gone are the days of thinking in a particular period or style, preferring to combine many instinctively. He is uncompromising in his scorn for reproduction saying "I will only use authentic items, pastiche is of no interest to me".


Max Rollitt
The third interior designer is in fact a polymath, being an antique dealer, furniture designer and interior decorator. Based  in Hampshire he  handles commissions in the US, Europe as well as the UK.  The interiors side of the business has grown organically as people have recognised his uniquely relaxed and colourful style, dispelling the myth that brown furniture is stuffy or pompous.


Like Mackie and Polizzi  he does not stick to one period, sometimes using the architecture as a  fixed point of reference. His large collection of stock is his arsenal, housed in a vast barn/ showroom at his Hampshire home. He buys voraciously and says "I work by instinct, like painting a picture. You start with one main focus then build on it with Colour, adding other elements for balance.