Antique Stilton Scoops

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Stilton scoops are for serving crumbling Stilton with a minimum of fuss. A great gift for those who love the taste of Stilton, but not necessarily the mess it can create with a normal cheese knife!
Silver and silver plated stilton scoops have been made in England certainly since the 19th century although the earlier they are, the rarer.  The majority are silver plated with bone or ivory handles, those of all silver plate tend to be much later and made to match whole canteens of cutlery i.e. Kings pattern or Queens pattern, rat rail etc.
Stilton etiquette in England has long been a talking point at dinner parties across the land. Should one use a spoon or scoop? How should one slice the cheese, like a cake perhaps?

One thing is for sure, you should never; repeat never, "Nose a Stilton". That's like keeping the rare roast beef for yourself and giving your guests the overdone stuff.  Nosing the Stilton is stealing the moist centre whilst leaving the drier outside for your neighbour, which is a serious Stilton faux paux!
Antique stilton scoops make a wonderful gift as few people own one or are unlikely to already have one.  Some of them have built in ejectors, making them easy to use and dispense the cheese.
Easy to post – we recently sent one off to Australia – it is one of our most popular items of silver/silver plate which are chosen off the website.  Usually we have a dozen or so in stock and are always on the look out for more.


One of our most unusual scoops is the trigger action stilton scoop shown below – quite a fun thing and probably geared more to a gentleman!   


See our wide and ever changing selection of  Silver and Silver plated vintage and antique stilton spoons/scoops.

Ideal for users and stilton spoon collectors alike.