Antique Silver Photograph Frames

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Antique silver is alone amongst antiques in that its date and provenance are an intrinsic part.  It affords the  chance to actually obtain a piece of silver manufactured in that special year being celebrated making it a great choice for that special event - birthday, christening or anniversary.

Antique silver photograph frames are a stalwart favourite for such a gift and below are the Assay marks of the various regions of Britain, one of which will be found accompanied by a year letter to specifically date the frame.

Here is pictured a simple antique silver photograph frame from 1925 made in Birmingham. The anchor mark can be clearly seen along with the date letter. No real detective work needed on this ninety year old frame which could have been manufactured today although if one is used  to antique silver there is a glow from years gone by.


Like all silver there will be found three marks, the lion first, representing sterling silver, then the Assay mark - where it was made and finally the date letter for the year. Simple but informative and indisputable.

The majority of period silver frames are twentieth century but a few survive from the Victorian period and are highly prized for being over one hundred years  old.  Ironically many were just a plain silver rectangle - perfect for today's fashion of simplicity - ahead of its time in a way.


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