Antique Silver Photo Frames Make Wonderful Presents

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Years ago picture frames were created to protect the paintings or the pictures, now the picture frames are used for more than just that. A beautiful picture is seldom complete without a beautiful frame. With the invention of photographas the same soon applied to photograph frames so now we get beautiful antique photo frames.

Tudor Rose Antiques and Interiors have probably the largest stock of antique silver photo frames, not only in Petworth but anywhere outside of London.  They vary in size and shape and date from Victorian times through the Edwardian period and on into the thirties and forties.

Antique silver photo frames are always a popular present choice as photograph frames are available in a wide variety of designs and styles.. Some are so plain and simple they look very contemporary and others are heavily embossed and decorated giving a very atmospheric and period look.

The antique variants are still one of the most fascinating and go a long way to enhance the look of a particular photo as well as providing an attractive ornament to admire.

There is a timeless beauty about antique silver picture frames and if you can acquire more then one then being a group certainly enhances their appeal.

Many of the antique silver photo frames are of an ornate design whilst others are plain design that often sets off the subject in a more advantageous light. Often the silver frames are over 100 years old (like the Good quality, heavily embossed antique silver photo frame with original leather back. Birmingham 1901 that we have for sale) so when you buy them from a reputable dealer like Tudor Rose Antiques and Interiors you can be fairly sure your investment will grow in value rather than depreciate as soon as it leaves our shop door!

Visit our shop in person on online to see the wide variety of antique silver photo frames on offer.