Antique and Vintage Games

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Tudor Rose Antiques and Interiors has a specialist antique and vintage games dealer. He covers the whole spectrum including outdoor ones like skittles with or without their original box and croquet sets. Step inside to see the wonderful and nostalgic collection of vintage games, board games and garden games

Boxed croquet sets, usually contain six hoops, four balls, four mallets, centre peg and if lucky the original marker clips and rules. Hoops for garden sets are quite light weight cast iron with heavier examples for more serious play.  Other contents are coloured clips for scoring.  Most common makes are Jaques and Ayres.

Clockwork golf is another outside game sometimes in stock.

The indoor games are far more varied from old board games like snakes and ladders to backgammon, old playing cards and roulette wheels.  There are normally several boxes of dominoes from little miniature sets  to long ones  of twelve.  Chess is always popular from traditional sized boards to charming miniature travelling sets and games tables incorporating a board always draw the customers!

This may not have covered every game but a lot of space is certainly taken up by the mahjong sets. Played in China and particularly by ex pats, these games were very popular with the older generation and now played by their grown up children. Children also like the various boxes of gaming counters that were used for so many vintage games.

So that covers some of the stock which of course is currently changing so always worth visiting our website -