Antique and Vintage Coffers

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Antique pieces are time and again repurposed and used in the most innovative of the ways in the modern homes. These not only are a welcome twist to the ordinary but also bring in a historic elegance to the overall appearance of the place. An antique coffer is just the right option if you are looking for something not so imposing like the tables or cupboards but big enough to give you the much needed antique eye candy in your contemporary decor.
Antique and even vintage pieces are high on elegant and functionality too depending on how you put it to use. These provide a handy storage option and can also be used as a place to sit. Coffers are simple chests and were made by simply putting together solid oak planks with a hinged lid. There are different styles like the flat lid options, domed top ones known as ark coffers, mule chest coffers etc.
These antique coffers can be used as side tables or centre tables, as stools for sitting, in the entry halls, in the bedrooms for storage of linens and sheets, in the kitchens again for storage and the like. These make a good focal point in the home.
An example is a good quality vintage oak coffer with fine carved front. Circa 1930's as shown

Good quality vintage oak coffer with fine carved front. Circa 1930's - See more at:
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