Antique and modern pictures for contemporary homes

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A beautiful picture from the world of antiques can effortlessly add character and style to a contemporary home with little fuss. Take for example this antique painting of a pig, circa 1894 called "Harriet of Sommerville Farm" by a English  Provincial School. Incribed with title dated 1894 (lower right)


Prints or oil paintings of portraits, landscapes, marinescapes or other aspects give you an interesting medium to add visual impact or some mystery and drama to contemporary spaces.

The right mix of the classic and contemporary, executed in the right way can bring back the splendour of traditional masterpieces all over again. Contemporary pictures such as this highly collectable signed early work by Michael Strang (Cornish Artist)  The painting is called 'Poppyfield' and is dated 1979

Highly collectable signed early work by Michael Strang (Cornish Artist)  Poppyfield 1979 - See more at:

The artwork that goes way back gives a new twist to the contemporary homes. Such design ideas never fail to make a clever contrast that is aesthetically appealing.


At Tudor Rose Antiques & Interiors we offer a selection of antique pictures. We have arrangements with specialist dealers who possess an in depth knowledge of paintings and seek out a wide range of antique oil paintings, watercolours, pastels and chalk along with a good collection of prints and etchings from the 19th and 20th century and include portraits, animals, seascapes, landscapes and still life studies.

We have a few examples of modern studies as well.

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