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The owner Rose Tudor has always collected antiques but in the mid ‘90’s with children growing up, she decided touset the knowledge gained from collecting and  took a stand at Petworth Antique Market – one of the best known Centres in the South of England.

Her success was addictive and the Centre  was a great learning ground, giving  her a chance to see what life was like on the other side of the counter!

As well as Petworth, she chose another good Centre in  Oxfordshire, dividing her time between the two –  quite a challenge but passion does breed determination and every minute during this period was spent intently learning the trade. Many hours attending auctions, just listening and learning added to the experience. Rose describes this period of her life as her degree course in Antiques!

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Moving to the Old Tudor Building – 2001

Following all this activity and just down the road from Petworth Antique Market was a wonderful old Tudor building which came up for sale. This was the opportunity Rose had been waiting for – to own a beautiful period shop in Petworth, a town based on antiques – and open her very own antique shop. So the deed was done in June 2001 and Tudor Rose Antiques & Interiors was born a month later.

The shop was pretty well an instant success, being a good size, over two floors and housing a wide range of reasonably priced antiques. So the knowledge that Rose accrued over those six intense years was put to good use and she is still very much at the helm today.

Living nearby there are few days when she is not around, particularly at weekends, to greet her regulars who either have weekend cottages nearby or just like to make Petworth a good weekend visit.

The Oldest building in Petworth

Probably the oldest and certainly the most beautiful building in Petworth, it made the perfect venue. The building dates back to the late 1500’s and was originally an ale house.  At the beginning of the 20th century it became an antique shop, making it probably the longest standing antique shop in the town.   It  is the perfect backdrop to display a treasure trove of fine antiques.

Moving with the Changing Times

Seventeen years on, fashions have changed quite dramatically but Tudor Rose has adapted well. The lovely silver beams are still there but floors are now pale limestone and the stock has a much wider base, reflecting our love of dramatic objects – age being far less important than impact.

Stone and glass sit happily alongside a seventeenth century chest and one of the windows currently houses an impressive glass and metal coffee table made from the wing of a Hawker jet!

The walls are decorated with a very varied selection of art from good early oils to vintage posters and 20th century watercolours.  Most of this is down to our specialist art dealer, Ottocento, formerly of Christie’s South Kensington,  A very knowledgeable Dealer who stands at most of the major Fairs but based with us permanently.   We now have some contemporary glass and ceramics  alongside  19th century  champagne flutes – quite a mix but of course that is precisely how people decorate their homes today. No longer one style or theme, just a collection of beautiful pieces from every era. Not forgetting the garden, there are always stone pots,  urns, garden seats and tables and chairs.


Tudor Rose Antiques & Interiors are part of the Petworth Business Association. Find us on their website

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