Antique Silver Photograph Frames

Antique Silver Photograph Frames

Antique Silver Photograph Frames.  This is one of our Specialities and we are known for our large selection of silver frames.  With usually about 30 in stock, people always keep us in the back of their minds when it comes to presents.  The antique silver photo frame is a very favourite choice for that special occasion.  Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, confirmation,  christening or 21st birthday.

Items of antique silver always retain their popularity due, in no small part to the hallmarking system – the United Kingdom has one of the most highly structured systems in the world (Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland).  These five nations have, historically, provided a wealth of information about a piece through their series of applied punches.

The Assayer’s mark is for silver meeting the sterling standard of purity – the Lion Passant.  Then there is the Date Mark – a letter indicating the exact year in which the piece was made.  The typeface, whether the letter is uppercase or lowercase and even the shape inside which the letter is stamped, are all taken into consideration when determining the year.

In addition there is the City Mark, which actually now no longer indicates where the piece was assayed as it used to do.  Often there are also the initials of the makers of the piece of silver, particularly on better quality items.

This small oval French antique silver and tortoiseshell photograph frame is small but most attractive.  The maker is Charles Peconnet (1876 – 1902) and is only 9 cms high but shows the range of our stock.

The pair of antique silver frames shown below are of excellent quality and due to the impress mark of the makers, we have been able to ascertain quite a lot of information about the Company.

Pair Antique Silver Photograph Frames

A& J Zimmerman was a silverware company founded in 1879 by Arthur S. Zimmerman and John Ulrich Zimmerman. The company was registered as a limited company in 1902, and finished trading in 1930. 

A& J Zimmerman owned workshops in Birmingham and London, as well as holding a London Showroom, though most of their pieces were assayed to Birmingham.

Most of the items created under the name A & J Zimmerman were small, simple items of silverware such as photo frames and boxes, most surviving items are hallmarked between 1890 and 1910, which suggests that this period was the firms most prolific and successful.

any pieces which were created were vesta cases or inkwells which incorporated compasses or clocks, increasing the value of the silverware in an intelligent manner, but still utilising modest styles and forms of silver.

Little information survives of the history of the firm of A & J Zimmerman, however the lasting nature of so many of their items of silverware speaks to the quality and craftsmanship of their pieces.

William Comyns & Sons is a famous maker based in London. William Comyns purchased an existing silversmith business in 1858 and entered his first marks from Carlise Street, Soho Square. He changed premises several times, although very much in the same area.  In 1885 his two sons joined the business establishing William Comyns & Sons.   The company appears to have made a significant impact in the early 1880’s by supplying increasingly large numbers of decorative wares in silver, many of which ere die-stamped. William died in January 1916.

The business was incorporated as a limited liability company as William Comyns & Sons Ltd, registered in October 1930.  Finally when the last Comyns died in 1953 it was purchased by Bernard Copping.  They are now one of the few surviving manufacturing silversmiths in London with premises at Comyns House, Tower Street, London WC2.


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