Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins recently joined Tudor Rose Antiques after a fascinating career in auction world as a valuer with Sothebys, Phillips and Bonhams.  Beginning in 1963 as a porter with Sothebys in Bond Street and retiring in 2016 with Bonhams auction rooms in Guildford.
His thousands of clients included some famous names including Ava Gardner, Harold Macmillan and Sean Connery along with some career highlights appearing on BBC Blue Peter, Antiques Roadshow and Going for a Song.

BEST FIND…The long lost Robert Hooke Folio, found during a routine client call in Hampshire, subsequently sold for a seven figure sum. An inch thick group of manuscripts loosely held between two ancient looking leather boards. Unique historic pages by the hand of Robert Hooke, 1635-1703 formidable scientist, architect and polymath, appointed as first Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society in 1662. Planned reconstruction of London with Wren after the Great Fire.

BIGGEST VALUATION…Insurance valuation of the entire contents of Castle Howard (a two week task by a team of valuers including himself)
INTERESTS…Collecting…Andrew admits to being an obsessive and incurable collector,with subjects including treen, knife rests, cufflihks, wine glasses, and Victorian cast iron door stops….some current some dispersed.
He now enjoys seeking out unusual items to share with and sell to other collectors.  Now displayed at Tudor Rose Antiques, Petworth.
Andrew hawkins  Andrew hawkins

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