Antique Pedestal Desks and Desk Chairs

Antique Pedestal Desks and Desk Chairs

Antique Pedestal Desks and Desk Chairs

Our most popular item has to be the antique pedestal desk and desk chairs.  We always try to have a good supply but it certainly is a challenge. There is obviously no production line of antique desks to tap into and no easy way to procure good examples without searching far and wide.

More and more of us are working from home if only one or two days a week, and this simple change in lifestyle has boosted the demand for a good  vintage desk or antique one.  In other words, people more and more are seeking  a pedestal desk or writing table in their “home office” as that space takes on a new emphasis.

It gives perhaps an extra feel good factor to be working at something of quality, along with its history.

Antique Pedestal Desks

The history of the antique pedestal desk

From the eighteenth century onwards, pedestal desks had the top inlaid with a large leather insert, often tooled (a decorative pattern indented into the leather which again could be emphasised in gold). This top was then surrounded by cross banding.

There are 18the examples surviving today but there are far more nineteenth and twentieth century examples.

The pedestal desk form was also used by the military as it could be considered portable with the writing surface easily separated from the pedestals to aid transport.

Campaign desks had robust brass handles on the side for ease of movement and indeed antique campaign furniture has quite a following today.

Pedestal desks made of steel sheet metal were developed after the Second World War and were popular in America as well as on the Continent.  They are quite sought after today, having quite a contemporary look and we try to source them as often as possible.

Writing Tables

As well as pedestal desks, antique writing tables are a variation on the same theme.  Again, with a large leather insert to the top but on turned legs and with usually two or three drawers under, they provide less storage but appear more elegant.

In various sizes, they fit seemlessly into a living area, appearing more as a large side table.

Alongside the antique desk comes the antique desk chair.  Again, we are always on the look out for Victorian and Edwardian examples as well as the far more plentiful vintage models from the 1930’s onwards.

Revolving desk chairs are inevitably the most popular model for ease of movement. Gliding on casters between desk, filing cabinet, copier, or anything else in the office area or study is very traditional and highly useful.

Many revolving desk chairs have tilting mechanisms as well, a nice addition when composing/thinking or merely stretching!

So these antiques are well equipped for modern living and have stood the test of time!

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