Sara Williams Guest Window – March / April 2018

Tudor Rose News
Our Guest Window is always popular.  Currently we have Sara Williams with her dazzling array of contemporary glass alongside her vintage and antique items.  Mirrors are always part of her display, the sunburst design being a particular favourite.  Bulls heads direct from the market in Spain continue to fly out or should we say plod!  One choice which has been particularly successful are the antique coppers, making a large statement, particularly when filled with flowers, good also for logs.  The centrepiece of the stand is usually one of Sara’s bleached dining tables.  A very current look and extremely popular.
Another area Sara is known for is her industrial look with interesting pieces sourced from all over the country.  A lot of galvanised containers, garden objects and items such as the great polished steel ashcan/waste bin currently on display make hers a very individual.
Our next window change will be when Follit return for another month.  Having had a fabulous shop in Petworth for so long, they are experts at choosing successful stock.

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