Antique Silver Photograph Frames

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One of our specialities at Tudor Rose Antiques is antique silver photograph frames.  They come in all shapes, sizes and prices and have long been a best seller either for that special present or adding to one’s own collection.
The large plain rectangles are particularly popular as they have a contemporary image but also fit into the “antique” category. A good example is this Large Antique Silver Photograph Frame. The age can immediately be seen, obviously adding to the value as opposed to purchasing a new one. 


People enjoy learning about hallmarks if they are not familiar with them, a subject in itself  but easily looked up in a reference book.  It of course adds significantly to the meaning of the gift  if one can source a particular year for that special anniversary.  For those unfamiliar with British hallmarks they usually consist of three elements – the lion passant, the relevant Assay Office and finally the date letter making it able to be dated to the specific year, unlike any other antique.  Sometimes, there are also manufacturers’ letters, usually on better quality pieces and if, as sometimes happens, marks are rubbed with excessive cleaning over the years, this also helps to identify a piece.


The best backs of antique photograph frames are made of wood and preferred by collectors, being the most stable and durable.  However, they were also made of leather or  velvet and these original materials all add to the charm of the antique frame. We state what the back is made of on our website and provide an image of it as well.


We usually have over twenty antique silver photograph frames in stock at any one time and covering a good range of sizes and shapes.  There are not many large frames from the 19th century as of course there were no large photographs in those days!

See our full range of antique silver photo frames with their hallmarks on our website.